Alexis Price was born in Philadelphia, PA (1984) and received her BA in Modern Dance from Meredith College (Raleigh NC) in 2006.  Alexis’ only formal art training was in dance, and for many years painting was her main creative outlet outside of her profession as a dancer.  At age 30 Alexis retired from performing to focus solely on painting.  Continuing using her body as a form of self-expression, her work is largely self-portrait style and autobiographical. Alexis works with oils to  create her vivid, wild, and highly feminine portraits.  Her paintings slant towards the animalistic, as she incorporates anthropomorphism into her portraiture as a way to communicate expression.  Alexis worked her way through her early life as a bartender at various music venues in both North Carolina and NYC.  She is currently working exclusively as an artist, living and raising her daughter in Northern Maine. 

Alexis has been featured in many North Carolina publications including The News And Observer, Oak City Hustle, and Midtown Magazine.  Throughout her career Alexis has had ten solo exhibitions including “Divine Hermaphrodites and The Project of Being” at Shag, a Sexy Shop in Brooklyn, NY (2018). She has also been in many group shows across the nation, showing at Gristle Gallery in Brooklyn, NY (2017) and Underground Art Gallery in Portland, OR (2019).  Alexis has also been featured in many online galleries, blogs and publications including Art For The Sick, Wow x Wow, House Of Roulx, and Beautiful Bizarre.